Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Doopydoos Stormtrooper Blaster upgrade kit.

I purchased my Stormtrooper blaster upgrade kit from Doopydoos.com. This kit is to add onto my Hasbro blaster to make it into a movie accurate blaster. It probably won't be getting here for a while because it is being shipped from the UK. I can't wait to get it and I will be posting a Step by Step guide to how I put it together. If you need an upgrade kit or you want a kit that includes everything you need to make a complete blaster, Visit Doopydoos.com and they will set you up. It is a reasonable price with decent shipping costs. If you make it yourself you will save tons of money compared to getting a complete one on ebay.

2 more Laser Tag guns I won on ebay. Watching One more.

I won 2 more laser tag guns for my Stormtrooper parties. One Naboo blaster (it's missing its scope, but oh well) and one Battle Droid blaster. That puts the total up to 13. I also have one on watch that ends early morning. If I get that one, 14 kids will be able to participate in a fast paced game of Star Wars Laser Tag. Now More kids will be able to attend because I will have plenty of guns to go around. It's all for the kids!

Stormtrooper Party at Grandma's Sports Garden 1-21-18

I had a Stormtrooper party at Grandma's Sports Garden in Duluth, MN on 1-21-18. This party was put on by Ann and John. It was a "Get to know your Hockey Teammates" get together. It was for a semi/pro Hockey Team made up of Veterans called "The Duluth Warriors". They are a new team and didn't really know many of their teammates. Ann and John did a fantastic job coming up with great ways for the people to get to know each other. You can check out their website at Duluthwarriors.com. I was there to entertain the kids. They were awesome. Some were a little shy to participate, but once I began fighting with them they really opened up. It was becoming difficult keeping my ground with all of them attacking me at once. I think I did a decent job of blocking their blows, but in the end I think the kids won pretty handley. It was tons of fun and I think the kids had a great time. There was a birthday party for one of the kids as well so it was extra special for him.

Stormtrooper Party at Black Bear Casino and Hotel 1-06-18

I put on a Stormtrooper Party For a 10 year old at Black Bear Casino and Hotel in Carlton, MN on Jan. 6th, 2018. It was tons of fun. The kids kept me busy the entire hour with Lightsaber Dueling. I was Completely spent after the party and had to take breaks from fighting by asking to take some photos. I had a blast and I think the kids had a great time.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Predator Trailer You're the best Part 1 Funny!

This is a Trailer I made a while back. It is the beginning of Predator with the Karate Kid Song, "You're the Best, Around". I was watching Predator and when Dillan says to Dutch, "We need the BEST" it came to me almost immediately. I tried to synce up the song to many scenes in the movie. Hope you enjoy.

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Added a new custom figure Tutorials Page.  This time it's for a Custom 200x/MOTUC Style Evil Lyn with much more Articulation using a 200x Evil Lyn and a DCUC Wonder Woman.  Check it out at
Darth Leon Customs Evil Lyn Tutorial

My daughters Hip Dysplasia Awareness

Hip Dysplasia Awareness
My daughter was born with this disorder and the doctor did not discover it until her 6th month. I had mentioned to the doctor at about a month that I felt and heard a pop in her hips but he said it's nothing to worry about. If we had caught it earlier, the surgeries would have been much less invasive and difficult. 
Hip Dysplasia is rare and not readily looked for, so PLEASE ask you physician to check for the signs early (feel and hear "popping" in the hips) of Hip Dysplasia.
I made this video for my Daughter Hera as a tribute to her bravery and strength through her surgeries
You can visit the site by going to Darthleoncustoms.com/hera.html

Update to Stormtrooper for Hire webpage

I have updated my Stormtrooper For Hire webpage.  You can visit the page by going to Darthleoncustoms.com/stormtrooper.html.  I've added Pictures and a video of my last Stormtrooper Wedding / party. There are easter eggs throughout the site.

Update to Darthleoncustoms.com

Updated my Website Darthleoncustoms.com.  I've added over 30 new custom figures to the Customs Gallery.  I've updated my main page with new pictures and some affiliates links.  I've also included some Easter Eggs throughout the entire site.  I hope you enjoy.