Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hey Everyone! Got a couple new customs for You. It's another Deadpool. This is one of my favorite customs and favorite figures so I make a lot of this guy. This time around I COPIED, yes Copied, Double Dealers recipe for Dead Pool. If you haven't seen Double Dealers work, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. That guy is Awsome. So anyway, I had a figure he used that I had NO IDEA what to do with laying around. Man, Good English I use good. So, anyway, I took a Punisher figure, DD recipe, and made a kick butt Dead Pool figure. Sculpting is easy, painting "RED" is HARD! Super FREAKIN Hard!. I Used many shades of RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW to get the Shades and Highlights of this figure. Again, props to DD customs, and thanks for looking,

Thursday, August 14, 2008! Check it out!

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Up for Auction this week:

* Jack of Hearts (Marvel Legends)

* Jean Grey (Marvel Legends)

* Warpath (Marvel Legends)

* Nova Annihius (Marvel Legends)

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