Sunday, February 13, 2011

DLC: VENOM marvel legends 7 1/2" figure

This "VENOM" figure has been styled like the character from Marvel Comics. This Venom is Huge. He is approx. 7 1/2 inches tall and is very imposing next to spiderman. The spider man figure is used for comparison only and not included in the auction. Venom comes with three seperate Tentacle bundles. Two that bend around the arms and one for his back. They interconnect to each other to keep them secured on the figure. The tentacles are also bendable so they can grasp your marvel legends figures. The back tentacles can be used to wrap around your figures. The SYMBOL is also sculpted on, "NOT PAINTED" to give it a more menacing look. The face has been modified and given a hint of slime. The paint job is full of shadows and highlights. He is very meticulously painted to give a comic book appearance. He also comes with the base from the pictures. He is fully articulated to give him many great poses. He is 7 1/2" tall so he fits it perfectly with your Marvel Legends and DC characters. Don't miss out on this one. Thanks for looking

What's included: